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Replacement parts for cement trash cans or concrete ash urns.
Replacement Parts

Shay Stoneworks provides replacement parts for your concrete trash receptacles, cigarette receptacles and more…  If you don’t see the cement site furnishing replacement part that you need, please get in touch with us.

Concrete planters and other cement site furnishings stain colors available from Ornamental Stone Inc..

All concrete aggregate stone site furnishings available in the same color finishes as our popular Xinh Collection.

Custom colors available! See the Sherwin Williams color chart for more options.

Concrete Trash Can Lids and Replacement Parts

Concrete Trash Can Lids: TR-1R

Price: $150
(WR-2-25R lid)

Ash Urn Trash Receptacle Replacement Lid: R-2R

Price: $200
(WR-3-25RS lid)

Concrete Trash Receptacle Lids: TR-6M

Price: $274
(WR-6-25MC lid)

RCL-1 Concrete Recycling Container Replacement Parts

Price: $193
(Recycling cont. lid)

Concrete Trash Can Lid Replacement Part: TR-5M

Price: $154
(WR-5-25M lid)

Cement Trash Can Lids: TR-3A

Price: $154
(WR-1-25 lid)

Cement Trash Can Lids: TR-8M

Price: $154
(XWR-30-33 lid)

Galvanized Concrete Trash Can Liners: TL-24

Price: $70
(WR-1-25 galv. liner)

Cement Ash Urn Replacement Parts

Concrete Ash Urn Tray Replacement Part: A-2

Price: $60
(SU-2-18 pan)

Concrete Ash Urn Replacement Parts: A-3

Price: $60
(SU-3-18F funnel)

Concrete Ashtray Urn Replacement Part: A-4

Price: $55
(SU-4-20 pan)

Concrete Ashtray Urn Replacement Parts: A-5

Price: $55
(WR-3-25RS pan)

Other Replacement Parts
BP-1 Metal Pail Replacement Part

Price: $25
(SU-3-18F pail)

Need a replacement part for one of our cement trash cans or concrete ash urns?

Please contact Shay Stoneworks if you have questions or need help replacing a part for one of our cement site furnishings. We’re here to help!

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