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Concrete Landscape Solutions

Commercial Concrete Site Furnishings and Cement Outdoor Furniture

Commercial Concrete Site Furnishings

Some commercial concrete site furnishings call for a simple cement planter, cigarette receptacle or exposed aggregate stone trash receptacle that will blend into the overall architecture and landscaping without upstaging the building, property or grounds.

Other landscape solutions to simple yet important situations like the above are strong, durable and long lasting. The life of a plastic or metal trash can versus one of our concrete or exposed aggregate stone products is like night and day. Investment in our commercial concrete site furnishings pay for themselves and upfront costs are extremely competitive.

Now the second scenario may be different… Perhaps you want plants that contain beautiful flowers, bushes or trees outside your storefront. You want to make a statement, and concrete planters, cement benches, etc. can help you put the finishing touches on any landscaping project both indoors and outdoors. At Shay Stoneworks, we are confident that we have the commercial landscape solutions you are looking for. Please give us a call today to let us know how we can fulfill your needs!


Commercial Concrete Site Furnishings

Residential Cement Site Furnishings

Shay Stoneworks doesn’t just provide landscape solutions for businesses, but for residential customers as well. Just like our durable cement site furnishings can beautify a public storefront,  so can our concrete planter pots, benches and other aggregate stone products decorate your home or yard. Imagine beautiful flowering pots adorning your front doorstep, or an elegant bird bath adding to the serenity of your backyard landscaping… There are so many possibilities! And the beauty of chosing  high quailty concrete site furnishings hand crafted by Shay Stoneworks is that they will withstand the test of time and stay beautiful longer.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own commercial or residential home landscaping needs, please spend a moment and view our gallery. Remember, all of our concrete site furnishings come in custom colors and stains to match your surroundings perfectly!

Tall concrete planter pots.

Discover inspiration for your own concrete tables, benches,  street planters, and more… Explore our gallery of cement site furnishings!

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