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Concrete Street Planters

Large street planters and exposed aggregate concrete pots manufactured by Ornamental Stone Inc.
Large concrete street planters and exposed aggregate cement pots from Ornamental Stone Inc.
Concrete Street Planters (small, medium, large)
SP-1-18 18″D x 22″H 183 lbs. $149
SP-2-25 25″D x 30″H 422 lbs. $275
SP-2A-24 24″D x 24″H 300 lbs. $225
SP-2B-24 24″D x 14″H 190 lbs. $185
SP-3-30 30″D x 25″H 500 lbs. $305
SP-4-36 36″D x 26″H 700 lbs. $405
SP-5-48 48″D x 30″H 1,435 lbs. $605
SP-6-15 48″D x 15″H 805 lbs. $365
Concrete planters and other cement site furnishings stain colors available from Ornamental Stone Inc..

All concrete aggregate stone site furnishings available in the same color finishes as our popular Xinh Collection.

Custom colors available! See the Sherwin Williams color chart for more options.

Large street planters and cement site furnishings to meet your needs.

Are you looking for a large street planter for your storefront, or a medium sized cement planter pot to enhance the decor of your residential property? From small to large concrete street planters, Ornamental Stone can provide you the solid aggregate stone site furnishings to meet your landscaping goals. Give us a call, or send us an email if you have questions about any of our cement products. We look forward to helping you!

Our durable concrete street planters are very popular! Check out the other cement outdoor furniture and products we manufacture.